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machine application of potato slicing machine
Vegetable Dicer Machine is suitable for fruit, dehydrated vegetable, and fruit fresh vegetable processing factory to process root vegetable into strip. This machine is using compound tool to have strip in one time.






automatic carrot dicer machine/onion cube cutting machine/vegetable fruit dicing machine

1.function of  potato slicing machine
cutting size can be customized: 3mm,4mm,5mm,6mm,8mm,10mm,12mm,15mm,20mm
1.This vegetable cutting machine can just cut potato,sweet potato,eggplant,taro,etc. into chips or slice.
2.This potato shredder machine made of stainless steel and is not to rust.also can keep the vegetables clean and saf.
3.keep the potato chips smooth,balanced,good appearance.
4.They are the ideal equipments for pickle factories, restaurants, dining halls and snack food factorie.
5.Widely used in making superior quality chips of vegetable, which is the exclusive equipment in vegetable processing industry for producing fresh or dehydrated vegetable. 
6.this carrot slicing machine is also perfect machinery for processing high quality potato chips in the fast food industry.

Potato Peeling And Cutting Machine

1. This machine is specially designed for stem and root vegetables and fruits into slices and sticks with high efficiency and good quality, such as potato, taro,carrot, sweet potato, jicama, pachyrhizus etc.

2. The thickness of sticks and slices can be adjusted from 3-12mm.

3. This machine can automatically do the whole process of washing, peeling
and cutting.

4. Which can cut three shapes: slice, sticks and slice with waves.