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This machine is the main equipment for pre-cooking and sterilizing of dehydration vegetable material in pre-treatment line.  Matching with belt type automatic hoister, water cooling groove, pre-cooking time is adjusted by frequency conversion motor to realize constant torque stepless speed regulation. Pre-cooking temperature is controlled automatically by figure-showing temperature control meter supporting electric actuators (microcomputer control) which solves the problem that the damaged electromagnetic valve delay production, therefore it reduces production cost.

Applicable scope: carrots, broccoli, edamame, peach, corn, apples, pears, hawthorn, green stalks dishes, cabbage, garden bean, garlic bolt, taro, seed, etc.;

Product features:
The whole machine is made of import level 304 stainless steel and has inner tank to to remove dirt and mud. The double-deck mesh belt design is suitable for floating products.
The machine is with automatic constant temperature device and double insulation material. Blanching temperature and time is adjustable between normal temperature and 100℃. The heating modes are electric heating mode and steam heating mode.
When blanching machine is working, blanching water in the machine cycles, flows orderly and mixes to make water temperature uniform in the blanching machine.
Scope of application:
Suitable for blanching kelp, green beans, kidney beans, peas,green soy beans, apple, seafood, etc. The blanching machine is used for  sterilization of flexible packaging vegetable products and secondary sterilization of low temperature meat product after packaging and also for sterilization of bottled food, beverage, etc.

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