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This vegetable cutting machine can cut various vegetables or fruits into cubes, slices, chips by change the different blades.
Suitable for cutting vegetables : potato, pachyrhizus, carrot, tomato, onion, eggplant, lotus root,cabbage etc .

Suitable for cutting fruits:   apple, pear, 




It is widely used for kitchen, restaurant, mess hall, hotel and other vegetable processing industry.



product description
   Vegetable dicing machine can cut various fruits and vegetables.It can cut fruits, stem vegetables and root vegetables.Different cube size by changing the blade,the vegetable cutting machine can cut fruit and vegetables into slices,threads,cubes,strips,etc.The size of fruit and vegetable is adjustable.We can offer other size of machine as per cutome's demand.It is widely used in hotel,restaurant,mess hall,kitchen and other vegetable and fruit processing factory.

Machine application of potato slicing machine
Vegetable Dicer Machine is suitable for fruit, dehydrated vegetable, and fruit fresh vegetable processing factory to process root vegetable into strip. This machine is using compound tool to have strip in one time. High output and less damaged. This machine is suitable for central kitchen and vegetable processing factory.